Welcome to my Marketing Diary

Before being a marketer, all my jobs were in sales. Determined to maximise my sales portfolio I adopted marketing strategies to increase my commissions and retain my clients. I started to see how marketing really helps to grow a business and decided to secure a job as a marketing professional supporting a sales team.

I wasn’t too phased about the advertising side of the business when I first started. I was predominately interested in learning how to implement tactics that enhance sales performance. Engagement tactics, not sales tactics. 

For the next 5 years I worked in dedicated marketing based sales support roles. Which basically means I never worked in a marketing team. I worked as a marketer in a sales team. This was great, cause I could directly measure marketing performance with sales performance.

It was only recently that I joined the marketing department and reported into a senior marketing manager instead of a sales manager. The difference was quite dramatic to be honest. Sales departments are heavily male orientated and driven by financial KPIs that were reviewed daily. Marketing on the other hand was heavily female orientated and focused on spending money and reviewing branding and engagement metrics on a daily basis. However, I’ve learnt a lot from both departments and integrated my experiences. 

I hope my blog helps you to navigate your business into success.

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