Think like a consumer. 3 key things to remember.

Stop thinking like a marketer. Start thinking like a consumer.

Whilst we are all consumers, at the end of the day it is important not to forget that our customers don’t think like us.

Marketer’s and business owners are closer to the brand and product then customers. We think in depth about channels of distribution and key product features. Consumers, on the other hand, think about convenience and solving their needs, desires or wants.

It is up to marketers and business owners to create a more relevant digital experiences that aligns with the purpose of the consumers activity.

1. Customers are searching for a solution to their problems.

Customers are not looking at your all your product features. They are reviewing product information specific to their needs. A good salesperson will sell them the features they are looking for, not the features they don’t care about.

2. Customers are concerned with access, not devices.

Customers do not consciously think about accessing information across platforms and devices. For them, it’s all about access. If they are thinking about their problems and looking for a solution while they are on the train, they may only have their phone or tablet to work with. If they are interrupted while they are in a mobile state, they may pick up the information search later when they are in the office (at which point, they have access to a computer).

3. Informational and transactional searches are different, but important considerations.

While majority of your website visits may be from mobile, and conversion happening on desktop, this may signify that the type of search activity on mobile is informational while desktop is transactional. It doesn’t necessarily mean you need to improve your conversion on mobile. A consumer may have never had the intent to purchase anything while they are on their mobile. It may simply have been the beginning of their journey to best product fit discover. You may simply need to make your product information easier to read on mobile, as well as ensure there is a way for your potential customers to pick up from where they left off (or when they are ready to purchase).


Consumers think about convenience and solving their needs, desires or wants.

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