Welcome to my business and marketing blog! Here is a little about me, the author.

Before diving into the world of business and marketing, I loved science and conducting analytical experiments. In fact, I was studying Forensic Science right before the switch to Business. One night I decided to take a legal studies short course. The course introduced me to the world of business and commercial law. I found business as an interesting topic and decided  to switched my degree. Not knowing where to specialise, I took the traditional approach and majored in Economics and Marketing. My love for marketing and all things business grew from there.

I manage and co-manage 4 businesses, whilst raising two young children, and I am passionate about marketing, more specifically the aspects of marketing aimed to help grow your business. It’s the understanding and experimenting with products and creative ideas to maximise awareness which ultimately improve your business performance among competitors. I love the science of marketing.

Marketing is about hypnotising, testing, implementation, observation, and evaluation. Just like science. But the best part of marketing is we get to be artistically creative and analytical at the same time.

Articles published in The Small Business Diary are based on my own experiences and learning. It’s important to remember that every business is different and strategies that work for some, may not work for others. Never the less, marketing and business is about trial and error. The articles and stories I tell lay the foundation of concepts I have learned. In my experience, many people miss the concept or moral of the story. They get caught in the detail rather then the overarching application of a concept that can be applied under numerous scenarios by changing a few variables. I hope to try and bridge that gap because I have seen value in learning a concept from multiple and varying subjects and applying those concepts to business and marketing strategies. Making small adaptions to the way I think of those principles to make them work in a different environment.