Stop following the fads, stick to the strategy.

My career in marketing started during the social media age. That was a peak time for when all the “20 somethings” were graduating from Uni and corporate organisations were keen to bring on board all these social media experts – who I should note…. were effectively just social media users. You see, all the industry… Continue reading

Written vs Spoken language in your marketing copy

I remember the first time my dad learned how to text from his phone, every message started with “dear daughter”…. I was strangely uncomfortable since it felt like I was reading a letter and didn’t know how to reply. But that was only because I was looking at my phone instead of a pen and… Continue reading

Think like a consumer. 3 key things to remember.

Stop thinking like a marketer. Start thinking like a consumer. Whilst we are all consumers, at the end of the day it is important not to forget that our customers don’t think like us. Marketer’s and business owners are closer to the brand and product then customers. We think in depth about channels of distribution… Continue reading