Shallow work, change the way you work

After years of working in large corporate organisations I realised shallow work had become the norm for high level executives and management teams. I’m defining shallow work the way Cal Newport defines it in his book ‘Deep Work’. Shallow work consists of completing tasks that are not cognitively demanding and do not contribute in achieving… Continue reading

Know your numbers, understand accounting

We business owners have a pretty good understanding about accounting. But let’s be honest, anything overly complicated we rely on our accountants advice even though we don’t completely understand it. This is wrong. If your accountant has bought up some feedback, it’s probably important you understand the details before disregarding the decision making to your… Continue reading

Make sure your acquisition and engagement strategies are aligned

We’ve all heard it before. It cost more to acquire new customers then it does to retain existing ones. While I truly believe this, I also believe how you acquire new customers impacts the quality of your engagement and retention program, as well as churn rate. I’ve been working in member engagement and lifecycle for… Continue reading

Customer motivations: Creating external and internal influences to support growth.

Understanding what motivates your customers and what you can control will help your business develop stronger marketing messages and engagement strategies. Motivation can be driven internally or externally. Internal motivation is known as intrinsic motivation and external motivation is known as extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation drives a person to act or perform tasks out of… Continue reading

Think like a consumer. 3 key things to remember.

Stop thinking like a marketer. Start thinking like a consumer. Whilst we are all consumers, at the end of the day it is important not to forget that our customers don’t think like us. Marketer’s and business owners are closer to the brand and product then customers. We think in depth about channels of distribution… Continue reading

Purpose and target audience are crucial considerations when developing content

Do you stop to think about whether your marketing messages make sense? It’s so easy to get lost in your own ideas and completely forget that you are not the target audience. In my career as a marketer, I’ve seen even the most senior marketing managers make this mistake. It’s a trap business owners, sales… Continue reading